What We’re Known For

Project Development

GTA Development will put together a team of professionals such as planners, architects and other consultants to complete conceptual design and necessary studies in order to get your property rezoned and site plan approved so that detailed design and construction can be done. We will coordinate all activities required so that your project will be approved and built and you can reap the benefits of your developed property in the form of profits or cash flow, depending on your goals.

Budget & Schedule

GTA Development will prepare a preliminary budget and schedule during conceptual design so that you can establish your potential profit or return and timing of your return early in the process. Once you decide to proceed with your project we will prepare a more detailed budget and schedule so that you can get satisfactory financing in place. During the course of your project the budget and schedule will be updated on a regular basis so that the project can be kept on track in terms of costs and time.

Design & Construction

GTA Development will assemble and coordinate the team of architects and engineers to complete the detailed design and obtain a building permit. Once the design is done we will engage a general contractor to complete the construction of your project. The design and construction will be done in the most cost effective manner, depending on various factors. During construction we will coordinate the contractor’s activities along with the design team in order to minimize costly changes to the budget and schedule.